Welcome to Fineline Labels

Fineline was established in 2001 by a Project Manager working for one of the major cabling companies in the UK. Frustrated by the lack of labelling options available, he realised laser engraving was the answer.

Wind the clock forward ten years and the company has a record of year on year growth, a manufacturing team of twelve and a portfolio that includes a number of the most prestigious installations in the UK – Heathrow Terminal 5 & 2, The Emirates & Wembley Stadiums, NYSE data Centre along with UBS, Barclays Tower, Clifford Chance, Citi Group and several other buildings on Canary Wharf. The company has most recently provided products for the 2012 Olympic Village.

Products are regularly supplied for installations throughout Europe, and in 2009 Fineline started exporting labels to Australia via a Queensland distributor. For the next two years this part of the business continued to grow and in 2011 a manufacturing facility was established in Sydney.

The plan is to repeat the success achieved in Europe and provide labels for the Asia Pac region, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand using the same ingredients – a “can-do” attitude, years of cabling experience, attention to detail and recognition that customers expect and deserve the very best service. The company is extremely responsive and quick turn-around times are offered both locally and on orders sent inter-state. Fineline labels have already been provided for projects country wide in a variety of industries including mining and gas, construction, data centres and finance.

Installations practices are changing and expectations are being driven higher by customers, end users and consultants who want to be associated with projects that demonstrate a commitment to Best Practices, rather than a solution that merely does the job. The labelling of an installation remains on display for the lifetime of the installation and is the most visible part of the installation. As such, the labelling should give a reassurance that the system has been installed to the highest standards, but more importantly, it must be accurate and an aid to those that have to work with the system once it is in day to day use.

The logical layout of the sheets of labels and the ease with which they are applied also provides increased productivity for the installation team saving time and money. Fineline labels will provide the high quality finish that your customers demand and are guaranteed for the lifetime of the installation.

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