Switch Templates

Switch Templates

A unique and simple idea, no need to install expensive hardware while cabling works are in progress. Our switch templates replicate the presence of a switch or hub. The range includes Cisco, Nortel, Brocade, to mention a few or bespoke to a custom design.

Using our laser technology we cut the 5mm cast acrylic to the exact size of an MTRJ or RJ45 socket (or aperture of your choice). They are then permanently engraved identifying each port.

Once installed in the comms cab you simply plug in all the equipment/flyleads into their appropriate ports, dress the cables back and terminate. Once the cables have been tested, remove them from the jig and leave them ready to be permanently installed to the equipment on its arrival.

See our examples:
Switch Templates

This eliminates the need to install costly and sensitive electronic equipment on site while cabling works are still being undertaken. It also means that the cables are not left under the floor or in ceiling voids causing unsightly obstructions, vulnerable to damage and there is no reason for a return visit, saving time and money.

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