Wrap Around Labels

Wrap Around Labels

Fineline wrap-around (self-laminating) cable labels have been specially developed to be quick and easy to install on data & electrical cables. Made from the highest quality Translucent Vinyl Film capable of withstanding working temperatures of -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C).

The top third has a printable area, while the bottom two thirds remains clear, when applied the clear section over-laminates the printed section, protecting it and making a semi-permanent label. Used during the installation period they help to ensure that cables are correctly located. Once terminated they are easily applied to the fixed cable leaving a long lasting identification.

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Wrap Around Labels

They are made from a durable polyester material in a range of 6
colours (White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Mauve, & Green) that has been exte-
nsively and independently tested for a range of conditions including -
high and low temperatures, humidity, etc.

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